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I bought this toy Xmas 2007 for my 12 year old daughter and we have already had our money's worth and its only January 2008!! We all love it. It is much better than Scrabble as it is quicker and everyone is playing all of the time rather than spending time waiting for your turn. As you pick up extra tiles you can constantly change the crossword that you have made. The standard of the words made by the children has improved dramatically over the Christmas period and they are having so much fun that they don't even realise that they are learning. It will be going on holiday with us too as it is so easy to pack. Buy this toy!! Winnie the Poo - Newcastle, England

How many games out there are fun and educational? This game is so portable and can be played by one or many. Took it on a trip and had people waiting to play. It is a fast moving game and keeps you on your toes. Whoever came up with this game kudos!!!! Learn by Reading – NJ.

This game is awesome! It is tons of fun, educational, and brings families and friends together for a really great time! I am ordering several more of these for family Christmas presents! J Zolnai

We got this for our 9 year old for Christmas and it was a hit. We played it with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. There are many ways to play and the game can be adjusted for time and skill level. Catherine C. Cambier – Charlotte, NC.

The whole family is able to play the game. We let the younger children build as many words as they can and relax the rules so that they don't have to build crossword puzzles with them. We like that you can change your words and totally change the crossword puzzle as you go. It has such universal appeal that I've bought several to give as gifts. S. Torrance – Kittanning, PA.

We ordered this and played over the Christmas holidays. With 16 people in the house, it was a great diversion! Even gets the brain thinking!
C. Cole

I was introduced to this game on a "girls only" weekend. I wasn't so sure at first, as Scrabble had always seemed so tedious. Bananagrams is, by far, one of the best "new" games I have played in a long time. I like the fact that you can play with any age or skill level. The words can be simple or complex depending on your vocabulary. The banana-shaped case is compact & portable. I had to order my own as soon as I got home. This game will be added to the game bag that travels in the car. A great use of otherwise wasted time while you are waiting just about anywhere. You might include a pocket dictionary in your game bag, just in case you are playing with kids or people who like to challenge your words. I think there will be a lot of Bananagrams under our 2008 Christmas tree! Toggpine – Lakebay, WA.

This is a family favorite! There are a variety of ways you can play this game. We use three or four sets for our large "extended" family games. One of the best facets of this game is its portability--fits in a purse, backpack, or car glove box. We give bonus points at the end of each for the most creative word, longest word, etc. M. Johnson

I'm 48 and played this game with adults and kids from 9 to 19 and had alot of fun. I brought this out for a bunch of bored college kids and they played for at least an hour with more and more wanting to join in. V. Stoller “rellots” – Chicago, IL.

This is a wonderful game for the whole family. My kids (ages 15 and 13) love to play. Even their grandpa and grandma gave it a try. We bought one for the kids at our Christian school. Great fun and educational at the same time. J. Presley – Tulsa, OK.

VBI played this game with a close family member and was in love with it at first sight. Unlike Scrabble. you play somewhat independently and are able to rearrange words at anytime... also no one can take the spot you wanted to use! You're truly working against the clock to be the first to say "Bananas!" I've bought it for everyone I know as a gift since then. It's original, super fun and portable. A great game to play, especially when waiting for dinner, or while waiting anywhere. I highly recommend and will continue to give this as a gift. J. McKeever

I have nothing to add to all the exemplary praises of the other reviews, but did want to say that this game arrives in its zipped banana pouch carrier, with no bulky box or packaging. It's the size of a fat banana, and would fit neatly into a Christmas stocking. Hen

My family loves to play games and this one is so neat! All the game tiles are stored in a cloth cute is that?! There are variations to the main game which gives a bit of variety and challenge. I recommend this game to any word game lovers. Vivian Hoffman

I bought this game for my family and several others for Christmas without ever having played it. Someone I know mentioned they liked it and kind of explained it to me and I looked it up on Amazon and bought four of them. When I called my folks Christmas morning, they were both happily playing this game together and then our family got a chance to play it and we love it. It has my kids fighting over the dictionary! I can't believe something so simple can be so much fun. I love how much more fun it is to play this than scrabble. We've only had it for two weeks but my kids ages 8 to 14 ask to play it all the time. Because of the cute idea of putting the game in a fabric banana holder, it lends itself to all sorts of gift ideas. I gave the game out in baskets with tons of banana split toppings, instructing the families to provide the ice cream (and real bananas) and to have a fun family night playing it. Egglintine – Arizona

This game is one of the best we have ever played.We like the adaptability for player numbers, it's very compact and easy to play anywhere and take anywhere, it's very good for young and old and easy to play with all age ranges. We are hooked. Jam - Herefordshire United Kingdom

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