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bullet Jackie Fenwick, Cliftons, Buckinghamshire
I have no problem at all with endorsing your fantastic game. The Bananagrams are selling very well - Customers are attracted by the unusual packaging. My family and I have spent many happy hours playing Bananagrams together.  My children said to tell you that the banana game is very ap’peel’ing”

bullet Mr. Pezeshkian, The Toy Station, Richmond, Surrey
  "It's a GREAT game. Good quality, nice tactile tiles."

bullet Lalage Millns, Lotus & Frog, London
"Bananagrams is selling very well. It's got a wide age spectrum, great for travel, no board needed and encourages children to use a dictionary!"

bullet Kate Baum, Assistant Head Teacher, Alderbrook School, Balham, London
"Bananagrams is a challenging and engaging game for all pupils at a variety of levels. It has positively transformed lunchtime behaviour issues of some of the more challenging pupils"

bullet Rennie Klem, Sheen Mount Primary School, London
"The students absolutely love it! Once they start playing they never want to stop! It's great for their vocabulary and spelling."

bullet Anne Nicholson, London
We love Bananagrams! It's fast and exciting. The whole family can play together and the children never argue!...Priceless!"

bullet Sara Porritt, Devon
"My friends and I took Bananagrams on holiday abroad and couldn't stop playing it!"

bullet Aaron Haggas (10 years old), London
"I think the game is great and really hard to stop playing once you start. We play in restaurants while waiting for our food and it makes the time peel away!"
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